About Me

My name is Mark F Hunt.

I’m an information security engineer based out of Michigan. I currently work for SAP, but the views expressed on this site are my own and don’t represent SAP or anyone but myself.

I also write code.

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This Blog

Hot takes, bad advice, code samples, tutorials, and whatever is on my mind at the moment.


In the past I worked for IBM Security, mostly with the QRadar SIEM platform. I wrote SIEM rules, deploy QRadar hardware, meet with clients to understand their needs, and customize the SIEM to their needs. I also used to write QRadar apps to meet client needs and improve internal processes.

I’m just starting a new job so we’ll see what the future holds.


Writing code is one of my favorite creative outlets. My go-to framework is Ruby on Rails, which I used to write and maintain a custom Rails app that used to host a news website for my hometown until the pandemic kinda squashed local businesses.

At IBM I mostly wrote Python. QRadar uses the Flask framework for its apps. I’ve also developed an internal SIEM rules library using the Django framework.

React is (begrudgingly) my go-to choice for front end work, and I write mobile apps in React Native. I’m constantly looking for something better, which means I dip my toes into basically everything.


I am AWS and Azure certified. I believe that cloud computing is one of the most important developments for modern IT systems.

I host most of my side projects on Digital Ocean using a single droplet running Dokku for container orchestration, but as a solo dev I also love serverless technologies (like DynamoDB and Lambda) because why pay for and maintain a dedicated server for tiny little side projects that no one uses?